Four Oar Rule is Lifted

Hello Westford Rowing,

The Pond has warmed to the point the four oar rule is lifted. 

All cold weather restrictions are lifted as well.

Please be careful, responsible, and make sound decisions. 

The water is still cold and cold water immersion is dangerous. 

Review our Member Handbook, watch the US Rowing safety video, stick to the traffic pattern, know what to do in an emergency, don’t go out alone or unprepared. 

As always, stay safe,


WCR, Safety Captain 

REMINDER: Don’t forget that you need to be registered (and compliant) for a 2019 program before you can go out in a shell.…

Cold Weather Rowing

It is still cold and a safety launch is still recommended, but rowing and sculling without a launch is allowed provided all cold weather rules are followed. 
• Four Oar Rule - No rowing alone. Only row if there are four oars on the water. 
• Captains Test - Only row if you passed the WCR Captains Test without any restrictions. If you took the test in a Rec Single please wait till the four oar rule is lifted. 
• Members Only - No guests and no one under 18. In order to row you must be registered for a current on-water program and have complied with all the requirements spelled out in the Member Handbook (swim test, waivers, safety video, lights, etc.).
• No Novices - You must have at least 100 hours experience in the boat class you wish to row. 
• 50 Degrees - Only row when the air temperature is above 50 degrees. 

These rules are for rowing and sculling without a safety launch. Rowing and sculling with a safety launch is at the discretion of your coach.

The updated for 2019 Member Handbook is now available on our website. Please review it; you are responsible for everything contained within. 

Stay safe,

WCR, Safety Captain

WA Crew Spring Season

School year youth rowing programs are run by Westford Academy (WA) and are open to residents of Westford and surrounding areas.

For general information on the WA Crew program, please click here.

For registration information, please click here.

Welcome to our 2019 Season

Information on morning and evening masters for the 2019 season is now up on the website and in Regatta Central. Logbook Sculling and Learn to Row information will be forthcoming as those programs won’t start until the weather warms up.

Please note a few changes for this year. We now require all member registrations to be done through Regatta Central. There are several updates on the FAQ page that are relevant to current members, please review it.

Best wishes for a great season!

Weather Updates

We have a pattern of unsettled weather this week.  Please come expecting to row in wet conditions but also be prepared to erg and do other indoor training if we have to move inside.  We will keep watching the weather, but please meet at the pond unless instructed otherwise.

7/17/18 Programs

Evening Learn to Row update:

We will be erging this evening due to the weather.  Please bring sneakers to erg in.  We will meet in the program room at the Millworks.

We are watching the weather.  Based on the current forecast, today’s program plans are:

-The morning Juniors program will meet at the pond and we are expecting to be on the water.  Come prepared to row or erg in case our plans change suddenly.

-The Learn to Row class this evening may have to be re-scheduled due to weather.  Stay tuned.

You're Invited!

Westford Community Rowing
invites you to join us for
National Learn to Row Day

Saturday, June 2, 2018 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Come down to Forge Pond and try out one of the fastest growing sports in the country. The best part of all is it’s FREE!

  • Rowing is a lifelong sport that is enjoyed competitively and recreationally
  • For everyone age 12 and up
  • Learn basic rowing technique and how to use rowing equipment
  • Get a taste of what it’s like to row on the water (weather permitting)
  • Learn about year-round programs offered by WCR, Westford Academy, and Westford Recreation for all ages and levels

Reminder: Captains Tests

All logbook scullers and some others who wish to row when there is no coaching launch on the water must have a current captains test on file to do so.  Please see the Members Handbook for the rules regarding this requirement. 

If you missed the captains testing held last Saturday, please contact our Safety Captain to schedule a test.  If there is enough additional interest, we will schedule another testing day to accommodate it.

Swim Tests Available 3/28

Anyone needing a swim test may use this link to sign up for a time to be tested Wednesday, March 28 from 7:30 to 9:00pm at Swymfit, 90 Swanson Road, Boxborough.  Masters and high school rowers are welcome!   The cost is $5 per test which goes to the facility for the use of the pool.

See page 4 of our Member Handbook and the Swim Test forms for more information on our requirements.



Spring Rowing Programs

Westford Community Rowing as a new stand-alone entity will run Adult Learn to Row and all Masters Rowing Programs starting in March of 2018.  Stay tuned on our website for more information.  In the interim, please contact us with specific questions.

Westford Recreation Department will run the Spring 2018 Middle School Programs and Summer Clinics for Middle School and High School-aged rowers.  Contact Michelle Collett for information and with questions or concerns.

Westford Academy is expecting to run the Spring 2018 High School (juniors) rowing team, which will include rowers from other schools.  Please contact Adam Gagne (WA Athletic Director) for more information and with questions or concerns.

WCR Update 12 19 2017

Last Friday WCR and WA met to discuss the high school team and spring season. Attending were WA Principal Jim Antonelli, WA Athletic Director Adam Gagne, Ian Moffett (captain), Issam Alaga (captain), Fiona Moffett (parent and Friends of WCR vice-chair), and myself. Unable to attend due to scheduling was Maddox Angerhofer (captain).

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the crew team at WA. We all agreed the number one issue is identifying the coaches, and a search is underway. We also discussed regatta schedule. This won’t be finalized until a head coach is selected but we all agreed that recent spring seasons provide a good example.

The captains have organized an informational meeting for any returning or new athletes (athletes only) interested in spring crew on Wednesday, December 20, at 2:15in the WA Lecture Hall. If you are interested and can’t make the meeting, please contact one of the captains (Ian Moffett, Issam Alaga, or Maddox Angerhofer) so they can get an accurate list (or reply privately to this note if that’s easier). This will help WA plan for the spring.

WA plans to host an information meeting for athletes and parents in late January; stay tuned.

WCR is busy defining the masters programs and working with Westford Recreation on learn-to-row, middle school, and summer programs. We plan to hold a masters meeting/discussio in January.

As always your feedback and suggestions are welcome and thank you for your continued support.


— Peter


Peter Klenk

Chairman, Friends of Westford Community Rowing


WCR Update: Winter indoor rowing coaches

The coaching assignments for the Winter Indoor Rowing/Training programs are:

  • Mon-Thu Afternoon Juniors - Jon Raichek and Jody Klenk (split)
  • Tue/Thu Evening Juniors - Jon Raichek
  • Morning Masters- Dave Deiuliis
  • Evening Masters- Jon Raichek
  • Tue/Thu Seniors- Jody Klenk

Jon Raichek has been the WCR Novice Boys Coach for the last two seasons. He is a USRowing Level 2 certified coach and an avid masters rower. Jon has been a part of WCR since its founding in 2008 and serves on the board of the Friends of WCR.


Jody Klenk is in the process of obtaining US Rowing Level 2 coaching certification and has an M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education. Jody is also an avid masters rower, rowing with WCR since 2012, and serves on the board of the Friends of WCR.


Dave Deiuliis is the Head Coach and Varsity Girls Coach Arlington-Belmont Crew. He has held many coaching positions at the High School and College levels.




Peter Klenk

Chairman, Friends of Westford Community Rowing

WCR Progress

Dear WCR Community,

There was a very constructive meeting this afternoon concerning the future of Westford Community Rowing (WCR). The Town of Westford, Westford Parks and Recreation, Westford Academy, and the Friends of WCR (FWCR) were all represented.

All winter indoor rowing programs will run as scheduled with the exception of the Middle School program. The registered middle school athlete(s) will participate in the Junior Competitive program. Additional people can still register for these programs.

On-water programs at Forge Pond will resume in the spring! Lots of details need to be worked out but here’s an overview of what we discussed.

Westford Academy will organize and operate the High School Competitive Team. Principal Jim Antonelli will meet with the captains, representative parents, and FWCR over the coming weeks for input. Athletes from surrounding towns and Lawrence Academy will continue to be welcome in the program.

Westford Recreation plans to offer learn-to-row programs. As mentioned in our previous update, Friends of Westford Community Rowing will reorganize into an independent not-for-profit organization. This new organization will run the Masters Competitive programs and other programs not covered above, as well as manage the equipment.

Look for additional communications from Town Manager Jodi Ross and WA Principal Jim Antonelli, as well as further updates from FWCR as details become available.


Peter Klenk

Chairman, Friends of Westford Community Rowing

WCR Update

The mission of the Friends of Westford Community Rowing (FWCR) has always been to ensure local rowing opportunities for Westford and the surrounding area, across all age groups, for those seeking both recreational and competitive experiences. FWCR has largely operated behind the scenes, organizing fundraising initiatives and purchasing the equipment used by all the rowing programs. We represent a wide spectrum of the rowing community and have broad experiences that will guide WCR through the current transition.


Last night the board voted unanimously to reorganize in a way that will enable us to expand our scope and directly offer programs starting in the spring of 2018. We are committed to continuing the tradition of offering a wide range of high quality coached programs to all of our stakeholders.


It will take some time to work out the best way to organize and deliver all of the programs. The next step is meeting with the Town Manager, Acting Parks and Recreation Director, Parks & Recreation Commission, Westford Academy Principal and Athletic Director, and Westford Friends of Recreation. We will continue to provide updates during this process.


In the short term the Recreation Department will offer winter indoor rowing programs that have sufficient enrollment. We encourage you to sign up for any program that meets your needs.


Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to providing more information about the upcoming spring season as soon as we can. We want your input! Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions at our Board email address (which can also be found at



The Board of Friends of Westford Community Rowing:


Peter Klenk, Chair

Fiona Moffett, Vice-Chair

Jon Raichek, Treasurer

Scott Wolpert, Clerk

Jody Klenk

Devin Quinn

Sean Seyffert 

Sandy Yelen

Statement from the Friends of Westford Community Rowing Board of Directors

During the recent change in leadership at the Westford Parks and Recreation Department, the town has been closely examining all recreation programming, including rowing. This has resulted in reducing staff at the department, and reevaluating the rowing programs offered. If you haven't seen today's email from Town Manager Jodi Ross, there is a copy at forms/5902_westford_community_ rowing_update_11_28_2017.pdf.


The Board of the Friends of Westford Community Rowing remains committed to ensuring that high quality rowing programs for all ages continue in the Westford community. We ask for your ongoing support as we figure out the next steps. We only learned of the Town Manager's findings last week and did not know in advance of the staffing changes that were made earlier this week. We are meeting with the town to set a path forward.


In the meantime, anyone interested in winter training must sign up by Friday, December 1st, at noon. You can register online at http:/ / activities/program_details. aspx?ProgramID=29126 or in person at 22 Town Farm Road. As stated in the town manager's email, programs without enough registered participants will be canceled.


Thank you,

Board of Directors,

Friends of Westford Community Rowing