Statement from the Friends of Westford Community Rowing Board of Directors

During the recent change in leadership at the Westford Parks and Recreation Department, the town has been closely examining all recreation programming, including rowing. This has resulted in reducing staff at the department, and reevaluating the rowing programs offered. If you haven't seen today's email from Town Manager Jodi Ross, there is a copy at forms/5902_westford_community_ rowing_update_11_28_2017.pdf.


The Board of the Friends of Westford Community Rowing remains committed to ensuring that high quality rowing programs for all ages continue in the Westford community. We ask for your ongoing support as we figure out the next steps. We only learned of the Town Manager's findings last week and did not know in advance of the staffing changes that were made earlier this week. We are meeting with the town to set a path forward.


In the meantime, anyone interested in winter training must sign up by Friday, December 1st, at noon. You can register online at http:/ / activities/program_details. aspx?ProgramID=29126 or in person at 22 Town Farm Road. As stated in the town manager's email, programs without enough registered participants will be canceled.


Thank you,

Board of Directors,

Friends of Westford Community Rowing