Cold Weather Rowing

It is still cold and a safety launch is still recommended, but rowing and sculling without a launch is allowed provided all cold weather rules are followed. 
• Four Oar Rule - No rowing alone. Only row if there are four oars on the water. 
• Captains Test - Only row if you passed the WCR Captains Test without any restrictions. If you took the test in a Rec Single please wait till the four oar rule is lifted. 
• Members Only - No guests and no one under 18. In order to row you must be registered for a current on-water program and have complied with all the requirements spelled out in the Member Handbook (swim test, waivers, safety video, lights, etc.).
• No Novices - You must have at least 100 hours experience in the boat class you wish to row. 
• 50 Degrees - Only row when the air temperature is above 50 degrees. 

These rules are for rowing and sculling without a safety launch. Rowing and sculling with a safety launch is at the discretion of your coach.

The updated for 2019 Member Handbook is now available on our website. Please review it; you are responsible for everything contained within. 

Stay safe,

WCR, Safety Captain