Captains Test

Before participating in Logbook Sculling or some instances of Logbook Rowing, you must pass the Captains Test.

Prior to taking the Captains Test, you must first register for an on-water program:

·       Morning Masters

·       Evening Masters

·       Logbook Sculling

Registration includes:

·       Review Member Handbook (including Traffic Pattern and Logbook Sculling/Rowing)

·       Sign USRowing Liability Waiver

·       Complete Swim Test

·       Sign WCR Liability Waiver

·       Watch USRowing Safety Video

·       Register either through RegattaCentral or fill out Membership Application

Only after all registration forms have been submitted may you take the Captains Test:

·       Print out Captains Test form

·       Complete first section (Certification)

·       Answer all question on page 2 (Knowledge Assessment)

·       Send email to to schedule test (include your preferred times)

·       Bring completed form with you to Forge Pond on the day of your scheduled test.

Afterwards, submit the signed form to our Membership Director or mail it with your payment.

Submit payment for your program to:

Westford Community Rowing
PO Box 2035
Westford, MA 01886.