Your new WCR needs some regular longer term volunteers as well as one-time volunteers for various tasks.  For more information or to volunteer, please contact us.

At the present time, our most immediate needs are for:

Launch Work:   POSTPONED

  • No prior experience necessary
  • Details forthcoming

Shell Preparation:   POSTPONED

  • No prior experience necessary
  • Details forthcoming

1)  Safety Committee (longer term, several people needed): 

  • Graphic Designer - no specific rowing knowledge required
  • Help draft safety policies - some rowing experience helpful, knowledge of other clubs helpful, could also use a person familiar with launches.

2) Safety equipment wrangling (one-time yearly, some can be combined):

(currently have 3 volunteers)

  • Stock Kippy Bags
  • Stock first aid kits
  • Stock fire extinguishers
  • Stock paddles for launches
  • Stock sufficient PDF's for launches

3) Vehicle Registration Steward (one-time yearly) includes registration and insurance for:

(currently have 2 volunteers- shouldn't need any more)

  • launches,
  • launch trailers,
  • shell trailer.

4) Electronic Maintenance Squad Chair and helpers (long term, several people needed) to be in charge of care, maintenance, and repair of: 

(currently have 1 volunteer)

  • Cox Boxes (and wiring harnesses)
  • speed coaches
  • megaphones
  • bow lights, etc.

5) Volunteer Coordinator (long term)

6) Boat Maintenance Squad Chair and helpers (long term, several people needed)

(currently have 2 volunteers)

NOTE:  These are all necessary in order to be able to get on the water in the spring.

Please be as generous as you can with your time as finding people to volunteer for the longer term positions is especially hard but the more people who volunteer for those "squads," "committees," or positions the lighter the burden on any one individual.  THANK YOU.